5 Benefits of Using LastPass Password Manager

As a Virtual Assistant, a password manager is one tool that has been so useful in both my business and personal life. After discovering Lastpass Password Management I don’t know how I could live without it now, so wanted to share its main benefits with you!

We’ve all been there… attempting to log in to a website and you’re not entirely sure which of the 3 most common passwords you always use is actually going to work. You try multiple times, get locked out and then have to reset the password. It is a huge pain and a big time waster.

There is an endless amount of apps, programs, software and websites available to us these days. Each normally requires a login, username, password or passcode, and it is becoming increasingly hard to keep track of all of these.  

Business owners are especially likely to use many different tools and programs on a daily basis and occasionally need to share sensitive login info with other employees/contractors or clients. Security breaches, hacking and identity theft are ever-present threats, so all passwords should ideally be secure and unique to each site.

Did you know there is a way to store all of this information securely in one place, and be able to share confidential details with others you trust?

Introducing Lastpass Password Management! Let’s break down the benefits of this handy tool:

1) No more forgetting or having to reset passwords!

The number one benefit is Lastpass remembers all your passwords! Once saved, the tool auto-populates the fields for your next login and will synch to all of your devices. Easy! It makes checking out online a snap since it safely stores all credit card info. All you need to do is remember just ONE master password.

2) It’s completely FREE for the basic plan with low-cost solutions for businesses

The free basic plan offers the key product features and could be sufficient for the average individual. However a Premium plan is offered at $2 per month (Use this link to try premium FREE for one month), and a Family plan is $4 per month (billed annually). For larger businesses, Team or Enterprise plans would be recommended and are reasonably priced at $2.42 per user or $4 per user respectively. I’ve outlined each option below:


This plan offers the ability to share passwords, logins and other items with an unlimited number of people. Added features include emergency access, priority tech support, file storage and other advanced options.


A great option for families sharing passwords and important data, including items like banking and utilities which can be organized into folders. Up to 6 users can be added to enable the whole family to store and share passwords. Includes the same added features as the Premium plan.


Ideal for businesses of 50 people or less. This includes simple password sharing, smart password storage, and an easy to use dashboard.  


A robust IT level plan to automate and control password management for an entire business. It includes directory integrations, custom security policies, and more.

The above plans can be changed or canceled at any time. Please refer to the website for more specifics on each plan.

3) Not limited to just passwords

This tool enables you to store documents, images, contracts, and any other important items that need to be safe and secure.

Other features include adding notes, an address book and the ability to store payment cards and bank account details.

4) Ease of use and peace of mind security

It’s really easy to use, you simply add the Lastpass Browser Extension and then create your master account with a strong master password and you are good to go. When you come across any new websites, you can easily add the password details to your Lastpass account. From your account dashboard, you can view all your websites, add other secure details and manage all your items.   

The account is constantly backed up, available on multiple devices and can be synced across all your devices to ensure uninterrupted access wherever you are.

In terms of security, I could get all techy here and list the bit encryption and salted hashes but to the average person (like me!) it doesn’t really mean much! All you need to know is that your data is completely safeguarded.

Another handy feature is that there is also a built-in password generator. This has the ability to generate long, random passwords that will protect against hacking.

5) Ability to securely share passwords or sensitive data to those you trust

This is one of my favorite features – to be able to share passwords and notes with others safely and conveniently. As a virtual assistant, this enables my clients to easily share their logins and passwords with me simply through a click of a button. No more emailing or texting multiple times.

In summary, this is a very handy tool for businesses, or individuals looking for a password management solution. Check our Lastpass password manager for yourself, I’d love to hear what you think!

**Affiliate disclosure** Some of the links in this post may result in a small commission to me should you choose to make a purchase. This won’t cost you anything additional and I promise I only suggest products I truly believe in and use myself.

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  1. This was so informative. I just recently started using this program and I did not realize it was so useful. Thanks for the info.

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