Case Study – Ashlie Muller Celebrations Blog Page + Gallery Page Refresh

Ashlie Muller, founder of Ashlie Muller Celebrations is a wedding planner and designer based in Georgia. She is passionate about creating experiences rooted in hospitality. Her brand is clean, simple and elegant. 

She came to me with some inspiration for a new blog page design for her Showit Website. Her original blog page displayed her posts in a stacked format and she was looking for a more attractive design, with a section for featured posts and a different layout for the posts. She also wanted a cleaner design for the single post view too. This was her old design:

Based on the inspiration she provided we created a little intro section at the top of the page, followed by a featured post section and a category bar. Then we created a side by side post layout to allow viewers to easily scroll through the posts. 

The single post view was altered by increasing the page width so the blog post filled more of the page space, with less white space. We designed a new title header, removed the side bar and added custom sharing links. Here is the final result:

I also helped Ashlie with designing new gallery pages for her portfolio. The original design simply had images displayed in a tiled format and Ashlie was looking for a space to add a description of the gallery.

For this re-design, we created a bold transitioning header image followed by a short description of the gallery. I increased the width of the tiled gallery to fill the page more and really show off the images. Here’s the final result:

The final result for both the blog page and gallery pages allowed for a much more visually appealing design which really showcased Ashlie’s stunning work and allows the viewer to easily grasp the concept of Ashlie’s work in an instant.

I absolutely loved working on this project and hope to work with Ashlie again in the future! 

Here’s some feedback from Ashlie:

“Claire is so GREAT to work with! She’s so helpful. Any ideas I have for my website, she can do it. She’s an expert at what she does, is quick to communicate, and makes things happen. I will keep coming back to her, time and time again!”

Are you in need of a website re-fresh or perhaps a completely new website design? I offer Showit template customizations or other website updates as needed.

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