How To Create A Custom Links Page

Today I want to share a quick Showit Tutorial. Learn how to create a simple custom links page in Showit. Ditch the 3rd party apps and have a branded links page that matches your website! Use this for your link in bio on Instagram!

– First, on the site tab create a new blank page and rename it LINKS or whatever title you prefer.

– For this example, I am using the mobile design view. Stretch the canvas to the length of the mobile view. – Add your logo at the top – Then add an image, with a box surrounding it if you prefer.

– Then add rectangle boxes in your button color.

– Next add the text for these buttons, for example your home page, services page, a link to your freebie, and your contact page. You can add any number of buttons you wish, to direct people where they would commonly want to go.

– Layer the text on the rectangles and make sure these are linked to the corresponding pages.

– Then work on the design for the desktop view. (or vice versa if you started with this view).

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