Why Blogging Is Important For Your Wedding Business

I’m super excited because I have a guest post on my blog today! I’ve invited Holly from The Genie VA to talk about blogging. She is diving into the reasons why blogging is important for your wedding business and why it should be included in your marketing strategy. Take it away Holly…..

Some people hear the term ‘blogging’ and it fills them with dread, or it makes them think ‘does anyone even blog anymore?!’ – well, yes. It’s an AMAZING marketing tool and should be utilized as a part of your strategy. Couples looking for wedding planners, photographers, and vendors want to find someone they can connect with, and someone that they can trust to deliver on the big day. Having a blog allows you to not only show off what you offer, but also shed light on who you are as a person, who you’ve worked with, why you do what you do, and so on.

Here are my top 7 reasons for why I believe blogging is super important for your wedding business, and how it will help you grow in the long term.

Show you as an expert in your field

Blogging is a great way to show that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re an expert in your field. You can cover a variety of topics that you’re knowledgeable about and share that with your readers. For example, wedding photographers could share the best colors to wear in certain environments, or the best lighting for a modern, fresh picture. A wedding planner could share tips on how to choose your color scheme, how to choose your venue, what to look out for with vendors etc.

Provide Free, Valuable Content 

Creating blog posts regularly helps you to create a library of valuable content that people will end up thanking you for! Providing free content shows you aren’t just trying to make money and build your business, but actually want to help people with their wedding journey. This is important for my next point – building the know, like, and trust factor. 

Build The Know, Like, And Trust Factor 

Blogging allows your audience to get to know you. As well as blogging about your services, your industry and top tips for your couples, you can also blog about things that are personal to you. For example, you could share your journey, the favorite weddings you’ve worked, your favorite part about being a wedding professional, and so on! It’s your little corner of the internet to write about you, what you love, and what you’re passionate about. 

Your readers will start to trust you more once you share more about your personality and also your experience. It allows them to see that you’re a real person and that you’re approachable, friendly, and are trying to help them before they’ve even booked with you! 


If you’re hoping for people to find you on Google for the services/products you’re offering, you’re going to want to start blogging and making sure that you’re including those all-important keywords! Ranking on Google can be a difficult thing to do, but blogging will help you get there. A great example of this is Claire – when I started looking for ways to be a virtual assistant for wedding professionals, I Googled just that – “virtual assistant for wedding professionals” and Claire’s website came appeared on the very first page!

There are lots of factors to SEO, like keywords, content, alt & meta descriptions, and backlinks (other websites linking back to yours). The goal is to start growing your domain authority, which is basically how much Google trusts and values your content. This takes time to grow, but blogging will help you get there!

Help You Create More Content  

Do you struggle to come up with content for your social media channels? Well, blog posts can be repurposed SO many times and can create content for weeks to come. For example, you can pull quotes from a blog post to make Instagram graphics or Pinterest Pins, you can post an Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn post about your recent blog post. You can also use passages from a blog post for a lead magnet you may be promoting on your website. The ways you can re-use blog posts are endless and they’re really helpful for those of you who may be struggling with what to post and how to engage with your audience/customers. 

Drive Targeted Traffic 

If you’re trying to promote something specific on your website or get people to sign up for an offer or be added to your email newsletter, blogging is a great way to do this. You can write content around your topic and link directly to it. You can also create lead magnets that pop up on your blog posts with a freebie, and incentive, to get people to sign up for your newsletter. Email marketing is a whole different strategy in itself, but it’s closely linked to blogging. 

Can Act As Your Digital Portfolio 

Blogging is not ALL writing, you can obviously include images and all sorts of other things within your blog posts. If you’re a photographer, a venue stylist, a caterer, and so on, you’ll want to use pictures from recent weddings you’ve worked to show off your services!! This is especially important for photographers because the images on their website are a complete reflection of their talent and skill. If you think about couples – they’ll be searching for proof of the quality of your work. Regular blog posts including images of your most recent weddings and projects will provide this for them! Your blog, if you’re linking to it correctly, could be one of the first impressions your potential customers could have of you!

There you have it. If you’re still confused or not convinced yet then let me know and we can jump on a call to discuss it further! I offer a range of packages for people who are just wanting to blog once a month, to those who are looking to start blogging every week. 

Huge thanks to Claire for letting me guest post on her blog today, and I hope you enjoy learning about why blogging is so important for your wedding business. 

Holly Smith, The Genie VA


Why Blogging is important for your wedding planner business

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