How to Set-Up and Optimize your Pinterest Account | Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Professionals

I know many people are confused or overwhelmed with how to get started on Pinterest so I wanted to provide a clear guide on how to ensure your Pinterest profile is optimized for growth and your website and blog is working effectively to funnel any leads that may be generated from Pinterest. This is specifically geared towards those serving the wedding industry but the principles outlined can be applied to any type of business. Part 1 in this 3-part guide is how to set up your profile and optimize your account.

A beginners Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Professionals

PART 1: Set Up and Optimize your Pinterest Account

1. If you are starting from scratch and already have a Pinterest account, you can easily convert this to a business account. You will first need to claim your website. This ensures that your profile picture shows up next to your pins and you have access to Pinterest analytics. Full instructions of how to do this are provided here:

2. You may also want to consider applying for Rich pins which provide a little more detail and information on a pin. Here is the link to apply for Rich Pins:

3. The next step would be to determine the keywords to be used throughout your profile. These are the terms that people will search for, which will generate your pins. Pinterest is actually very helpful when it comes to keyword research. As you type in the search box, for example, ‘Wedding Planning’, underneath that it shows suggested phrases that people are searching for. If you click on a phrase the colored boxes underneath the search bar allow you to narrow down the search even further. This gives you some great ideas for the keyword terms to use on your profile. It is particularly important to focus on the location of the target market you are serving, so you are not trying to appeal to the Pinterest masses. Ie. If you are a wedding planner in Houston, you would be trying to appeal to brides searching for wedding-related vendors in Houston. So incorporate ‘Houston’ into your keyword descriptions. Houston Wedding Venues, Houston Wedding Photographers etc.  Make a list of these keywords.

4. Ensure that your bio includes a strong keyword rich description with your location (if appropriate) and preferably a CTA. Top Tip: If you do this part on your mobile device it allows more characters. You can also change your username should you wish.

5. You can then use your keyword research to create 12-15 boards that are relevant to your niche and should focus on the topics that your ideal client will be searching for. The keywords should be utilized in your board names and descriptions. Each board should have a keyword rich description explaining what the board is about. There should be 1 Brand board (where all of your content is pinned) which would commonly be listed as your company name. If we take an example of a Wedding Planner in Houston, the rest could be Houston Wedding Venues, Wedding design Inspiration, Wedding Attire, Wedding flowers, Wedding Invitations, Spring Wedding Ideas, Summer Wedding Ideas, Winter Wedding Ideas, Wedding Decor Inspiration, Wedding Hairstyles, Wedding Dresses, Houston Wedding Vendors etc. (Make any existing boards secret that are not relevant to your business)

6. Look for other high quality pinners to follow in your niche. These might be other wedding vendors, influencers or publications etc.

7. It is helpful to include some group boards that have a high engagement to your profile. You can find these by searching on other pinners profiles and applying to the same group board. (Note that it normally gives instructions on the group board description of how to join the group board. Ie. follow the board and send an email to the creator. You can also search and find group boards to join through this website:

Look out for the next blog post coming soon in this 3 part guide which will help you ensure your website is ready before you start pinning away.

A thorough Pinterest guide on how to set-up and optimize your Pinterest Account. Specifically applicable to wedding professionals but the principles can be applied to many other creative businesses. #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips

Do you need help with setting up and optimizing your Pinterest profile? I’d be happy to assist! Give me a shout here!

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