Is Your Website Pinterest Ready? | Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Professionals

I know many people are confused or overwhelmed with how to get started on Pinterest so I wanted to provide a clear guide on how to ensure your Pinterest profile is optimized for growth and your website and blog is set up for any leads that you get from the platform. This is specifically geared towards those serving the wedding industry but the principles outlined can be applied to any type of business. Part 2 in this 3-part guide is how to get your website ready for pinning!

A beginners Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Professionals

PART 2: Is Your Website Pinterest Ready?

1. If you haven’t already, it is highly recommended to start a blog to showcase your work. Not only is it pretty much a necessity for Pinterest marketing, but it also greatly improves your SEO over time.

2. Each blog post should have a clear call to action at the end. Where are you trying to funnel site visitors to ultimately make a sale?Perhaps give away a freebie if they sign up to your email list. Make sure reviews are sprinkled throughout your website so visitors can easily see you come highly recommended by others.

3. When people have landed on your website, originating from Pinterest, make sure it is easy to navigate to other pages and they can easily find what they are looking for. Are your contact details clearly displayed? Test all links to ensure they are working correctly. You don’t want to miss any potential leads for the sake of a confusing or broken website!

4. Images included in your blog posts should ideally be optimized for Pinterest. Sizing should be 600 x 900 or 2:3 ratio. They should have alt text, titles and descriptions added that will pull through to Pinterest once pinned. Side note: There is a useful wordpress plugin called ‘Tasty Pins’ which allows you to set descriptions for images specifically for Pinterest. 

5. At the end of each blog post, add a Pinterest optimized image (with text overlay of your blog title) so readers can pin the post easily to Pinterest. Don’t consider yourself to be much of a graphic designer?  Canva is your saving grace! With the Pinterest sized templates, it makes it easy to create eye-catching graphics that will stand out on Pinterest. Remember you don’t have to go too fancy, simple designs, clear and easy to read fonts work well on Pinterest.

6. Do you have share buttons for social media on your website? Make sure these are also displayed under each blog post.

7. If you are a photographer, you can add a watermark or logo to your images so when they are shared, people become familiar with your work.

8. It may be helpful to look at other pinners in your industry to see what type of content they are pinning and what is most popular.

10. Think about creating blog posts that highlight a specific wedding style or offer tips and advice to readers, feel free to share personal stories or share vendors you have worked with. If you serve clients in a particular location, create content that is relevant to that location etc. Over time, you can utilize Pinterest analytics combined with google analytics to determine which kind of content and images your audience likes best.

Remember to stay tuned for the last part in this 3-part blog series. This will cover the topic of what to pin and when to pin it.

10 ways to ensure that your website is optimized and Pinterest ready. The whole point of using Pinterest is to direct traffic to your website. So  you need to make sure that when visitors land on your site you are directing them where you want them in order to achieve your end goal -whether that be sales or email signups for example. #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing

Do you have any questions or need assistance with getting your account or website Pinterest ready? I am happy to help! Just contact me HERE!

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