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The number one scheduling tool I recommend for all my Pinterest clients is Tailwind, it really is a must if you want to get serious about marketing on Pinterest. It is also a powerful tool to use for your Instagram/Facebook marketing too. So let’s explore the benefits of Tailwind and what makes this tool the […]

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One of the services I offer as Pinterest Manager is “Pinterest Account Optimization”. This is to ensure that the account is set up correctly and has all the elements necessary to see success on Pinterest. I thought I would share the process of exactly what is involved in this and the steps taken to optimize […]

How To Optimize A Pinterest Account

This is the last of the 3 part guide to help you get started with Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Professionals. The strategies noted below can really be applied to any type of business, despite this post being dedicated to Pinterest strategy for wedding professionals. Please ensure you have read these other blog posts before starting […]

Pinterest Strategy For Wedding Professionals

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